So, I guess you're wanting to know a bit about me and who I am before you even think about booking in for a shoot with me! Well, My name is Liam, and I am 20 years old from the United Kindgom. To be more specific, Oxfordshire. 
I decided to pursue my love for photography during my GCSE's, buying my DSLR and all the kit that I'd need to be able to do the job properly. I spent my art GCSE focusing on Photography and then went on to college to study Creative Media and Production Technology. 
I'd always loved cars, from a young age thanks to my dad, but during college I wasn't able to pursue Automotive Photography due to the fact that they had set curriculums that they had to stick to. After college I applied for my first "real" job, which was at a Ford dealership. Since I started at said dealership, my photography has improved to the point where I am using my DSLR for all the stock photos on their website, as well as the Marketing Team using my images for the Social Media. This was a huge step for me, having a large dealer group using my images, and that's what kick-started my passion for automotive photography.

So yeah, that's my story! I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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